Video showing the evolution of the Nissan logo over time

The new Nissan logo symbolizes profound change. It marks the next chapter of the Nissan brand, where passion and innovation are driving a more electrified, autonomous, and connected society. The revolution is here. Nissan is committed to making the world see it.

The new logo is inspired by the complete transformation of Nissan. Instead of being solely a manufacturer, the company is now evolving as a provider of mobility and services. This radical shift unleashed the imagination of Global Design Director Alfonso Albaisa. Nothing less than a new identity would do.

“If you have a strong belief, it will penetrate even the sun.”


— Yoshisuke Aikawa, founder of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

A picture of an orb over an ocean horizon similar to Nissans's new logo

New identity. Traditional principles

Albaisa’s direction called for a fresh approach. Yet Tsutomu Matsuo, the design lead, instinctively knew his team would also have to integrate time-honored Nissan Japanese principles of “be passionate, be an innovator and be a challenger.” What resulted was a series of stunning designs that embraced a tech-forward vision with a modern, cutting-edge feel. This was a logo that people could touch, feel and enjoy. Equally important, it was a promise for all the world to see.

The passion of Nissan’s founder, Yoshisuke Aikawa, is clearly visible in the new design. The circle represents a rising sun and Hinomaru flag of Japan. Small horizontal elements replace the former bar and signify the flare of an emerging sun reflected in a body of water.

“Thin, light and flexible.”


— Design inspiration from Alfonso Albaisa, Nissan Senior Vice President of Global Design

Sketch pad versions of Nissan logo
Video unveiling Nissan's new logo
1:02 A New Day for Nissan

Variations on a logo

Good design captures your attention. Great design moves you. Watch how the film above presents Nissan’s new logo as a living, breathing entity. Notice how light gradually moves from dawn to dusk, telling a story of motion through different elements, each a representation of what it feels like to be alive.
Getting there is going to require a lot of brain power – yours, to be exact. 

The many variations underscore a versatility that all iconic logos possess — the ability to live in different mediums, while simultaneously conveying the excitement of a new brand. The final logo version incorporates the color white and backlight to symbolize electrification while the modern flat design emphasizes ‘digital first.’ Electric vehicles will feature the illuminated logo, debuting with the Nissan ARIYA. This exclusive look is lit by 20 LEDs, corresponding to the number of years between logo redesigns. Soon, the new logo will be visible across the Nissan ecosystem, from letterhead and dealership signs to social media and digital advertising. 

rendering of the new dealership exterior design

Nissan will also introduce a new brand pin for employees. Worn on the lapel or collar, it symbolizes the dedication to providing a great customer experience. Most people will meet the new face of the brand at their local dealerships. There, the new logo has a different meaning: friendlier times when shopping for a vehicle, online or in the dealership. It’s this partnership between digital and dealer that will exemplify the new Nissan retail experience of delivering the right service at the right time in a welcoming environment.

Image of an illuminated Nissan badge on the front of an Ariya

A symbol of the future

If you saw the Nissan Next Digital World Premiere on July 15, you witnessed the global debut of Nissan’s new logo. It shines a new light on Nissan innovation and capability. And when you see the logo on the front of the all-new Nissan ARIYA, you’re looking at the ultimate expression of Nissan Intelligent Mobility and a time when cars do more than simply drive. Along with customers, we want to redefine a future beyond traffic jams and air pollution: a future that takes us beyond mobility – where the car enriches your life and enriches society.

The world is constantly changing. To celebrate the infinite possibilities, Nissan envisions a bright tomorrow with innovation for excitement, its brilliant logo guiding the way.

An Ariya driving on a highway with city in the background

Check out this Nissan that is electrifying the future

Nissan Ariya diving in the country

Ariya: The Next Generation of Electric vehicles

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